Thursday, December 20, 2007

Five More Days

Only five more days until Christmas. And that's five more days of James begging to open presents. And five more days of James asking is it Christmas yet. But for the most part he is being pretty patient about it. And it seems that whenever he's not being on his best behavior or not brushing his teeth or eating or getting dressed for daycare he gets a well timed phone call from Santa. And Santa seems to have detailed knowledge of the problem at hand and has a talk with James about it. Problem solved. I just wish i could be around when Santa calls to see the expressions on James face while talking to the Big man in the red suit. but I'm never around when he calls, kinda like Clark Kent is not around when superman is. funny how that's works huh?

1 comment:

J Fife said...

Hope that green bike finds its way to James' house. Too bad Santa ran out of red paint.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Miss Carrie! Hope you have a wonderful day.